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История создания автобуса ЛиАЗ-677
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Фото Николая Калашникова This page is devoted to the urban russian bus LiAZ-677 (ЛиАЗ-677) and family of its updatings.

The bus LiAZ-677 was produced in lots with 1967 for 1994 on a bus factory in city Likino-Dulyovo of Moscow area. LiAZ-677 on an extent more than 30 years was one of the most successful samples of production of motor industry of Soviet Union. In 1994 the family LiAZ-677 was removed from manufacture.

By 2005 in all regions, where were maintained buses LiAZ-677, in working order there were literally units from among these machines, in this connection there was idea to create given internet-site with the purpose to keep for a History a legend soviet motor industry and simultaneously one of the most appreciable strokes in shape of soviet cities of second half ХХ centuries